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E-Commerce Site Web Packages

When you think of e-commerce site, do you only think of products that are shipped? So what would you do if you wanted to sell a book you wrote? Or imagine that you are giving private lessons at your home, would you not want to sell your lesson hours? With an e-commerce site, you can easily sell not only the products that are shipped, but also a book you have written on your computer as an e-book, or your private lesson hours.

For 21 years, we have been signing projects that have resulted in the satisfaction of our customers…

Responsive Web Design

Need-Oriented E-commerce Packages

With Dynamic E-commerce Packages, you can open your virtual store and with the administration panel, you can easily manage your site from home page contents to your orders, from shipping arrangements to discounts and campaigns and offer your products for sale. 

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Tech Support

We are at your side with continuous support during and after the publication of the E-Commerce Site. We will guide you step by step in the settings you need to do.

Kredi kartı, banka havalesi, kapıda ödeme

Payment Methods

Offer your customers different opportunities with credit card, bank transfer, payment at the door, payment with shopping points, mail order and many other payment methods.

Product Variants

Product Variants

With flexible and highly detailed variant-option modules, you can easily manage the colors, sizes, models of your products or all options according to your sector, and price them separately if you wish.

Product Category Management

Product Category Management

With Dynamic E-commerce Packages, you can add and manage products and categories and offer your products for sale, and you can increase your sales rate by taking advantage of the features in the package.

Campaign Modules

Campaign Modules

With Dynamic E-commerce Packages, you can increase your sales with special campaigns for your products and categories. You can define special installments for your Member Groups and dealers, and create gift certificates and points to use in your shopping.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

You can increase your search engine performance and your visitors with the tools offered by Dynamic E-commerce Packages.

We Have No Limits!

With the e-commerce website, you can market the products you offer for sale in your physical store UNLIMITED through your virtual store by using online payment systems. 

Adding Unlimited Features

Adding Unlimited Items

Add Unlimited Images

Unlimited Web Traffic

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Why Should I Open an E-Commerce Site?

Why Should I Open an E-Commerce Site?

In periods when your company's sales decrease, the sales of your e-commerce site will increase even more. Especially in winter, users tend to buy online.
You will open a branch outside the city where your company is located. You will also have promotions outside the city and you will be able to make sales. And all over the Country or Worldwide.
Since your cost is low, you will be able to sell more affordable prices on the internet and attract more customers.
You will have an active website promoting your products outside of the purchasing process. Your visitor may want to examine the product and come to your store. You will also have an active website as a promotional site.

E-Commerce Package

Package Included 

E-commerce Site Setup and Integration
Management panel
Mobile and Seo Compatible Advanced Woocommerce Infrastructure
Order and Customer Management
Product and Category System
Online Credit Card Payment (IYZICO, Shopier etc. Integrated)
Payment by Wire Transfer and EFT
Recently Added Products
Home Slide Module
Quick Checkout Cart Page
Product Addition and Usage Training 

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