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We stand by our business partners with many services such as corporate website design, professional web design, e-commerce site, content management of websites (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, fast website, update and maintenance.

For 21 years, we have been signing projects that have resulted in the satisfaction of our customers…

Ekonomik Web Tasarım Çözümleri

We are with you whenever you need cheap web design solutions with our professional team.

Business Card Page, which we established in order to meet all the design, software and communication needs of our valued customers in order to exist in the internet world, in line with your economic web design requests, to work with new people in new projects in the light of your satisfaction, and to give your company life-saving tips about the internet, has been the purpose of our business since 2001. and continues to grow with the trust it receives from you.

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Kartvizit Sayfa Web Tasarım

Today, when the internet world has turned into a competitive war environment, so to speak, Kartvizit Sayfa stands by the brands and companies in their competition with their competitors in their sectors and undertakes the task of solution partnership on the internet. Kartvizit Sayfa makes a difference with the special solutions it offers and the strategies it produces, having an impact on the positioning of all the brands and companies it supports in a different point than their competitors in their sectors and increasing their market shares.

We Are Always With You With Our Corporate Web Design Solutions 

Alongside its business partners with many services such as corporate web designs, professional web designs, cheap website designs, boutique e-commerce sites, content management of websites (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, internet consultancy, updating and maintenance Kartvizit Sayfa offers corporate identity designs that include many options such as logo design, catalog design and packaging design, as well as production services that include promotional films, aerial video shoots, digital animations and photo shoots.

Kartvizit Sayfa approaches every business partner with enthusiasm, like the first business partner, and reveals years of experience and business love in every new project. For this reason, Kartvizit Sayfa offers a solution partnership that is quality, reliable and always with you, as well as professionalism, team spirit, experience, solution-oriented work and strong communication. We also support our professional web design services with our cheap web design and economical web design solutions.

If you are looking for a reliable and quality solution partner besides professional support, you are at the right address.


High Quality, Transparency and Continuity

We always work for innovative, aesthetic and useful sites, and we manage traffic control meticulously on the websites we have built with our strong server infrastructures.

In addition, thanks to your management panel, you can easily manage your products or services.

Profesyonel SEO Çalışması


We are an experienced team of experts who love their job. 

Hızlı Web Sitesi


We see the greatest success as satisfying our customers. 

Our Work Plan

In order to meet your needs on the web quickly and accurately, we must first know you well and determine your goals correctly. In line with the strategy we will determine together; 

Super Fast Website

First of all, the type of website that the customer needs is determined. 

PHP, HTML, FLASH code structures each have separate features, advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. In order for the website to satisfy our customer, it must have a correctly selected code structure.

1st Day

Hızlı Web SitesiIt shares information with the customer to determine the goals of the site and to create its content. 

1st Day

Web Tasarım FirmasıThe menu titles are determined and the necessary documents are prepared and the design phase is started.
At this stage, there will be some content that we want our customer to prepare. 

These; About us text, service or product information, list of references and contact information.

2nd Day

SEO Study Our customer has to prepare the visual documents that they want to be included in the website and send them to us.

Company Logo should be in transparent .png format if possible.

All images on the site should be in .jpg format and in the largest possible size.

In addition, all pictures must belong to our customer's company and must be original. In case of any complaint, pictures that are understood not to belong to our customer can be removed from the site.

2nd Day

Alan Adı ve Hosting HizmetiThe most suitable Domain Name for the site is determined.
While determining the domain name, different alternatives are revealed according to the company's fields of activity, service or product structure.

The most suitable and available domain name is purchased on behalf of the customer and the hosting setup is started.

2nd Day

Hızlı Web HostingAccording to the web design package, hosting installation is carried out in the required dimensions and e-mail accounts specified by the customer are created.

2nd Day

Profesyonel Tasarım EkibiAfter the preparatory work is completed and all content articles, information and visual images reach us, our site design work will begin.

Our design work; Depending on the client's website content, it is completed in approximately 3-5 business days.

3rd Day

Arama Motorlarına Kayıt ve SEOIn order to ensure the accessibility of the customer's website, it is registered with search engines. If any, links are established between their social media accounts and the site.

6th Day

Responsive Web Site TasarımıAfter the design work is completed, the final version of the site is presented to the customer, and final corrections and additions, if any, are made.

After all the controls, the website starts to be published on the internet.

7. Day

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Kartvizit Sayfa
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We are a design company established to meet all the design, software and communication needs of our valued customers in order to exist in the internet world, in line with your wishes.