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Mobile Compatible (Responsive) Web Design

Responsive (Mobile Compatible) web design; It is a web design that provides the user with a comfortable navigation on every platform. Responsive web design automatically adjusts the size of the text, picture, menu and other elements in it by understanding that it is entered from computer, mobile and tablet devices.

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Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Almost every new customer wants a mobile version of their website these days. Mobile compatible website design (responsive design) is first of all practically important. One design for Android devices, another design for iPhone, iPad, notebook and all screen resolutions should also be compatible.

In the field of website design and development, we are rapidly approaching the point of keeping up with endless new resolutions and devices. For many websites it is impossible or at least impractical to create a website version for every resolution and new device. If we only suffered from the consequences of losing visitors from one device, the benefit of getting visitors from another? or is there another option?

Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior and environment, based on the user's size, platform and orientation.

Mobile Compatible Web Design
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Responsive Design Features

The app consists of a mix of flexible sections and layouts, clever use of images and CSS media queries. As the user switches from their laptop to the iPad, the website should automatically adapt to resolution, image size, and scripting capabilities. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user's preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new vehicle on the market.

Kartvizit Sayfa Kartvizit Sayfa websites has a great reason. Today's website usage experience is changing at a rapid pace. That's why people spend less time and want a website that is compatible with all platforms as soon as possible. As Business Card Page, we make 100% mobile compatible website designs. If you still have questions about what is responsive design, call us now!

When creating a website design, the best practice would be to adhere to standards. As a Kartvizit Sayfa web design agency, we can provide you with the best web design examples, W3C standards, mobile and SEO compatible, depending on your special needs and preferences, according to the service you need, we can offer corporate web design services that fit your budget. 


If you want to create a responsive design website that is compatible with all devices, you can contact Kartvizit Sayfa.Com and get the most affordable web design prices.

We can ensure that you are one step ahead in the digital marketing process as you start your late start.

Web design, which is an important tool in reflecting the identity of businesses, institutions and individuals; With the development of technology and more devices accessing web environments, it has become an ecosystem where compatibility, visuality and aesthetics come together and therefore need to be handled professionally. Everything you need to realize designs suitable for the devices available in this ecosystem is on the Kartvizit Sayfa!

Web designing; It is a reflection of the harmony created by functionality and visual aesthetics. Building your website in a way that represents your company's vision and experience well and accurately is only one of the priorities of Kartvizit Sayfa. Kartvizit Sayfa; While designing the website that best reflects your position and vision in the sector, it works for the most suitable project for you in line with your wishes with its experienced design team and analysis methods it uses. Innovative design methods of Kartvizit Sayfa combine aesthetics and functionality for your website.

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Responsive Design Adapts to All Screen Resolutions!

Our Main Web Design Activities

In today's conditions, the place and importance of technology is too great to be denied. The internet, which continues to be at the center of our lives day by day, brings different service areas with it. Web design is an effective tool that enables all kinds of services and products offered by both personal and corporate companies to reach large audiences. 

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Corporate Website Design

A corporate website is a website designed in a way that is compatible with the corporate identity of the institution and has an infrastructure that can highlight the corporate elements of the institution.
At this point, we walk towards the same goal as our customers and carry the excitement of our customers.

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Responsive Website Design

Responsive design (responsive design); It is a web design that provides the user with a comfortable navigation on every platform. Responsive web design automatically adjusts the size of the text, picture, menu and other elements in it by understanding that it is entered from computer, mobile and tablet devices.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Website Design

A website designed for devices with smaller screens other than desktop or laptop screens is called a mobile website. The mobile website has a website-independent design. The mobile website usually does not contain all the elements of the sitemap. 

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