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Our Web Design Team

We stand by our business partners with many services such as corporate website design, professional web design, e-commerce site, content management of websites (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, fast website, update and maintenance.

We trust ourselves, we are sure that we will gain your trust and appreciation with our team that will make your dreams come true... 

Ekonomik Web Tasarım Çözümleri
Hızlı Web Sitesi Tasarım Ekibimiz

From the general manager...

As Kartvizit Sayfa Web Interactive, we continue to serve our customers in the fields of advanced web software, web design, social media consultancy and internet advertising since the day we were founded.

We strive to ensure that small and medium-sized businesses, which are at an important point in our economy and that we can never ignore, have the visionary websites required by the age or that their existing websites adapt to the present day. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we continue to take innovative steps on technology and software in a way that will determine the expert team of each subject.

In order to enable our customers to work efficiently and achieve higher profits and turnover in an environment that has become more competitive with the development of technology, we prepare social media management and internet advertising according to needs, and we act as business partners by providing necessary updates as technology develops. 

Ekonomik Web Tasarım Çözümleri

Our Team Members

Every member of our team is an expert in the web industry and is well-equipped to solve any problem related to your industry and develop visionary strategies for future strategies. 

Web Design Specialist


Web Design Specialist

Selahattin BARKER

İnternet Reklam Uzmanı Sosyal Medya Uzmanı

Internet Advertising Specialist

Social Media Expert


Web Tasarım Uzmanı Yazılım Mühendisi

Web Design Specialist

Software Engineer

Yenercan BARKER

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If you want to know anything about our company, our services and our work, feel free to ask us.

We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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We are a design company established to meet all the design, software and communication needs of our valued customers in order to exist in the internet world, in line with your wishes.