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Innovative Business Proposal


Let's find solutions for your customers, your social environment, and win together in the field of Web Software, which continues to grow. 

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Find Customer

We Offer An Excellent Part Time Job Opportunity You Can Work From Home or Online

If you have acquaintances with the owner of the company or if you can reach companies that do not have a website on the internet and determine that they are candidates for our website design, it will be sufficient to send us the necessary information with the "I Have a Customer" form at the bottom of our page. .

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Let's Take the Web Design Job from Your Client

If you agree to have our company design the website after the meetings with the company that needs the website you specified in the "I Have a Customer" form, your customer will become active.

The price offers you will present to your customer cannot exceed the prices determined in the "Web Design Cost Robot".

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Let's Share the Profit

According to the agreement with the customer, at the end of the website and after the design fee is paid to us, we will transfer your 30% commission to your account.

In order to learn more about our Business Partnership process and the price information you will give to your customer, you should definitely contact us in advance and get preliminary information. 

Otherwise, we will not accept any responsibility for any troubles that may occur.

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Unmatched Opportunity

You will determine your monthly income.

All you need to do to be employee of the month

finding clients who would like us to build a web design, e-commerce site or real estate site.

That's all…

We'll take care of the rest. We will earn together by completing the website your customer wants.

Whether at Home or on the Field

Work how you want

You are not affiliated with or responsible for anything. You can find the customers who will have web design by contacting them from their home via the internet, or you can reach the customers directly in the field. Your choice…
There is no day limit or obligation. Try to find customers whenever you want. You can even ask the companies around you whether they need web design or offer Web Design services, even when you are on the street or on vacation at the weekend. Will it be obvious…
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Unity is Strength

The Customer Is Yours Permanently, Not Just One Time...

You get a commission on the fee charged for each customer you refer. You will continue to be paid for every additional work done with the same customer. Until the customer leaves us.

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I Have a Customer!

You can give us information about your potential customer and preliminary information about the web design business through this form...

The customer will be contacted as soon as possible and you will be informed with all the details.

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Web Interactive

We are a design company established to meet all the design, software and communication needs of our valued customers in order to exist in the internet world, in line with your wishes.